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Honey – Flav speaks to a headway in cannabis science. All regular purged cannabinoids imbued with one of a kind terpene mixes make our broad line of vape items. Our logical and socially capable way to deal with item advancement is helped through all features of the brand.

Indica-predominant Hybrid (80/20) crossbred from Kashmir Hash Plant and Kush. Paramount fragrances of Honey and lavender go with a Honey flavor with trace of zestiness. Also, an exceptionally powerful strain, Honey Kush produces an extreme head and body high suggested for evening/evening satisfaction.

Honey Flavor
Firstly, Medicinal clients with a sleeping disorder, dietary issues, torment, and queasiness have revealed constructive outcomes from this strain.

Flav premium expendable cartridges give strain explicit CO2 concentrated, refined, and terpene upgraded cannabis oil. Accessible in 31 flavors.

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Thus, Attempt our full range hemp separate vape cartridges containing USA developed, pesticide free hemp with zero-THC. In addition, Breathe in normally plant-determined terpenes with natural coconut oil to support retention. Also, Treat yourself with our scrumptious sweet kinds of Honey custard and apple cinnamon biscuit or keep it straightforward with our unflavored yet completely stuffed hemp extricate cartridge. Our cartridges come in your decision of 0.5ml at 200mg or 1ml at 400mg.

Backwoods Cigars
Worked in light of your accommodation, this custard CBD cartridge from GRN is going to change your opinion of convenient CBD vapes. With a hemp extraction from a pesticide free item, the CBD confesses all and unadulterated, while the Honey custard enhancing fools your cerebrum into believing you’re treating yourself.

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